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I haven't been here in a century, and I miss it. Just installed a mobile app for LJ; maybe that will prompt me to post and read more often.

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Originally posted by libba_bray at TRANSVAGINAL OVERDRIVE!

Go read it there. It's brilliant, and also needs to be read in its own "home".

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Regarding my earlier admiration for and support of Dr. Hugo Schwyzer:

Life is a constant learning experience. And minds and outlooks change as facets to which we had not been exposed become visible.

That's all. Peace for now.

I Loved Lucy

Remember, Memorial
(The following is crossposted from my WordPress site,

I want to take a moment to eulogize a lovely friend who passed away this past Friday.

Ms. Lucy Taylor of Glasgow, known to her Twitter friends as littlemunchkin, was 26 years old and had suffered from anorexia for the past seven years. I first encountered her probably in 2009, which was the year of my big immersion into Twitter. (This immersion was the product of a talk Stephen Fry gave at the Apple Store in London in February of that year, which was live-tweeted. That's when I discovered not only the hashtag, but also the possibility of realtime communication. It was also when I started making many UK friends.)

Lucy was one of those rare souls who, so far as the casual observer could tell, not only had no enemies but found it impossible to hate. That doesn't mean she did not get irritated; I watched as she yelled at people who belittled the disease she was fighting so hard, but which ultimately claimed her.

Lucy was quite brilliant with wordplay. Anyone who knows me well knows that language and expression are my playgrounds, and I have a special affection for likeminded wordsmiths. She would play word games, ask questions revolving around wordplay, and engage in punery with all. We would amuse each other nearly every day when she was well enough to tweet.

She also apparently wished to spare her friends from her condition as it deteriorated. She announced in September that she was retiring from Twitter for a while, imploring friends not to message her asking what was wrong. She made a single appearance in October, one in November, and her final one in December. Each time wishing us all well, the last time complaining that she didn't have the energy.  I found her on Facebook when she showed up in a mutual friend's friends list, and I messaged her twice. Each time she responded with her usual positivity. This was back in November.  We hadn't messaged since, but our messages did have good thoughts and well wishes toward each other.

This morning, her younger sister (whose name I do not know) made two tweets on Lucy's account:

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that after a long illness my big sister Lucy Taylor died peacefully in her sleep on Friday. Lucy always appreciated all the support you gave her. She will never realise how much she will be missed. Love you forever sisterface:)xxxxx

Wherever she is (I remarked that I believe I can say she truly is Lucy in the sky, with diamonds now), I hope she does realize how much we loved her, and how much she will be missed.

Requiescat In Pace, my dear friend.

A link to Tumblr re: The Good Men Project

Hugo Schwyzer explains his resignation from The Good Men Project

...and instead of posting to LJ and having it port to Tumblr, in this instance I vented on Tumblr (about GMP, not about HS) and am putting a link here. Because change keeps things interesting, right?

The Good Men. Project.

Too stupid to insult
Hi, LJ. (And, thanks to syndication, Tumblr.)

I'm finding it harder to sit down and actually pull my thoughts together into a coherently-written, smoothly-reading piece. It's easier for me to send a succession of disjointed tweets, but...easier doesn't always mean productive. I really need to get back into putting the thoughts that simmer in the back of my head onto my keyboard. It's cathartic, and also gives me a way of getting feedback to tell me whether I've lost my marbles or not. :)

So. I discovered a website this past week. I've heard of The Good Men Project, primarily because of Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, who writes there. Someone I follow on Twitter, @thatsoph was talking about the site very negatively some time ago. Then another person I follow on Twitter, @sadydoyle, called the site founder out over an article he'd written. This article later spawned a debate between founder Tom Matlack and such feminist luminaries as Jenn Pozner, Amanda Marcotte, and Kate Harding, which is archived on TGMP. After *that* debate, Dr. Schwyzer made his own TGMP post disassociating himself from the site founder and that particular article and indeed much of the site, saying that while he writes for the site there is much with which he disagrees. Since he does have the support of Mses. Pozner, Marcotte, and Harding as well as other noted feminist writers and bloggers, I tend to take him at his word at this, and exclude him from any diatribes about the site to follow.

Anyway, it was after Ms. Doyle called Matlack out that I actually went to look at The Good Men Project. I.....well, to be honest, I think the site's motto/subtitle should probably be "I'mma spout me some feminism. B*tches LOVE feminism!". When your site hosts articles that opine that 'Part of being a “good man”—however variously one defines that term—consists of coming to terms with this state of affairs. You’re going to bother girls, creep them out, leave them feeling nonplussed—and even if you’re not at fault, you need to take the high ground. '

I'm just going to skip past the presumption that a man deserves the right to be able to engage with any woman whether she wants to or not, and go for the "girls". Because the best way to show your true feelings while whining about why you, as a Nice Guy, can't seem to shake being looked at as creepy is to use a privileged diminutive. Right? Of course it is. Oh, and "take the high ground". Because when it comes to a confrontation in which a "girl" presumes you to be creepy and you cannot convince her otherwise, OBVIOUSLY SHE IS WRONG! And your protestations to the contrary may just be reinforcing her misguidedness, so yes, you just take that high ground. Enjoy the moral superiority born of smug privilege. WHO DA MAN? YOU DA MAN!

The article from which that quote two paragraphs back is extracted, by the way, is one of a series called "The Presumption of Male Guilt". Which, as a whole, doesn't offer any suggestions to change things. It basically says "yeah, women are women and dudes are dudes and women see dudes as the enemy no matter how hard we try, but they're just gonna have to accept us as we are". Nothing useful, nothing constructive. There seems an underlying tone in that series that "Women Are The Enemy, that no matter how hard We Nice Guys try, those wily Feminists will keep shootin' us down."

NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. But you, dear audience, understand that. :P Feminists don't hate men, and Feminism deplores what patriarchy and privilege do to EVERYONE. Further, a great many feminists deplore the commonly-accepted gender binary and the cisnormative and heterenormative positions that accompany it. Which, by the way, are very much alive on TGMP. So there's that.

Actually, I've decided that if the site is about The Good Men, then logically the last word in The Good Men Project should be a verb. And pronounced that way. I think it's more accurate.

They see me rollin’…

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Originally posted by icanhaschzbrgr at They see me rollin’…

funny pictures - They see me rollin'...


They see me rollin’… …they chase after me with their pants round their ankles, screaming “COME BACK WITH THAT YOU LITTLE FURRY BASTARD !!!”

dey iz hatin, 2.

Picture by: Jennifer M.

Revamping the US Constitution: Yea or Nay?

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Hi, DW/LJ. I haven't posted to you (and had the post ported to Tumblr) since July. Busy hubbit has been busy.Collapse )


An Ode to Sarah Shakespeare Palin

An Ode To Sarah "Billy the Bard, You Betcha!" Shakespeare Palin.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate;
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease doth all refudiate.

If you're unfamiliar with the fuss, @SarahPalinUSA called upon Muslims to 'refudiate' the proposed WTC site mosque. She meant 'repudiate', of course, but she deleted that tweet and corrected it to read 'refute'. Stung by the responses she was receiving, Palin murmured that Shakespeare used to coin new words all the time.

Yeah, me neither.

Stolen from everyone...

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